Consultation Process

Timescale (Days Prior to work commencing) Stage Activity Your Action
42-45 Preliminary Drawing Distribution Balfour Beatty will send the preliminary drawings, letter and information pack to relevant Elected Members and Local Councils When you receive the drawings and the accompanying material, please look over them carefully and note any comments, recommendations and requests which may arise. You have 21-23 days to provide feedback on these drawings.
42-45 Local Council Meetings If required, Balfour Beatty or CCC would be happy to attend a meeting with the Town / Parish Council and local Councillors to discuss any questions or feedback. Please contact us to arrange this. If you require a meeting to be organised please contact CCC to arrange. Please prepare notes and specific queries/enquiries beforehand so all of your points can be covered.
40 Leaflet Drop Balfour Beatty will complete a leaflet drop to all residents affected by the proposed works. If residents do have any comments, complaints or requests which you are not happy or confident in dealing with please pass their details on to us or ask them to contact our customer care team on 0800 7838 247 or via email at
Between 21-23 days after the circulation of the maps Feedback Balfour Beatty will collect, log and distribute all enquiries and feedback provided by councillors, residents or anyone else involved in the works. Whilst every effort is made to resolve concerns relating to street lighting it is important to recognise that difficult decisions do have to be made and it is not always possible to adhere to requests. In circumstances where changes are requested that are outside of the contract remit any costs will need to be met by a third party.
22 Feedback Deadline The deadline for the return of drawings and comments will be reached 21-23 days after receiving the drawings, 22 days prior to work commencing. Please ensure that all comments and feedback have been provided to Balfour Beatty prior to this cut off date as any comments received after this point will be reviewed as additional works and may well incur additional costs. Any maps that were circulated to Local Council's and relevant Elected Members that do not receive a response by the deadline will be considered as a 'no comment' and the works will be completed as per the design.
21 Alterations Confirmation Balfour Beatty will inform all of the local Councillors affected by works of any changes which have been decided upon and circulate the final construction drawings. Please make yourself aware of these changes to ensure you are up to date with the proposed plans and able to answer any queries from residents.
10-20` Marking-up the street for column installation Prior to construction, the Balfour Beatty design team will travel to site and mark-up their designs on the streets themselves. New column positions will be marked in white paint with a cross surrounded by a circle, with a small "SL" to denote Street Light. Columns to be removed and not replaced will have a sign on them stating that the column will be permanently removed. If any positions are noted with serious issues please raise them to Balfour Beatty as soon as possible to allow the maximum time for amendments to be made to column positioning if possible.
10-20` Letter Drop At this stage, specific letters will be delivered to residents to encourage them to view the plans on the website, look for any road marking or yellow tape and contact the Parish/Town Council or Balfour Beatty if they have any concerns. Again, the more notice we are provided with for any feedback, the more likely it will be for changes to be looked into and resolved.
7 Date Confirmation Balfour Beatty will inform County and District Councillors along with Parish/Town Council as to the expected start date for the commencement of works. None
0 Work is able to commence Finally, once the consultation period is complete, Balfour Beatty specialist teams will enter the areas and carry out the programme of works. Any requests for changes at this stage are unlikely to be met and where an issue carries an additional cost this must be met by a third party.