What We Do

Upgrade Period

The Core Investment Programme (CIP) is the upgrade element of the project and is taking place during the first five years of the contract. This includes the upgrade of all County Council owned lighting columns, lanterns, illuminated signs and illuminated traffic bollards across the county.

All parts of the process require specialist skill sets and you will notice numerous visits whilst the changes are implemented. Disruption will be kept to a minimum; however it is important to remember that you will see barriers on site, whilst the work is undertaken.

What changes can you expect

Busy roads (classed as a traffic route) will be completely redesigned to achieve a specific lighting level under the British Standards. Most columns will be replaced and are likely to be re-located elsewhere to maximize lighting levels.

Columns in most residential roads will be replaced on a one-for-one basis (i.e. close to the existing column) but typically located at the back of the footpath. Existing newer columns will remain and older columns will be replaced with new columns. As a condition of the PFI funding, 10% of columns will be removed and not replaced and as these cannot be taken from traffic routes, some residential streets could experience reductions in columns by up to 40%. The improved white light will help to compensate for the loss of columns.

Additional Works

We can :

  • Provide a free competitive quotation for the below criteria
  • Perform project work on dual carriageways motorways, housing developments and public regeneration.
  • Supply and installation of street lighting, road signage to a guaranteed adoptable standard.
  • Provide term maintenance of existing external lighting and electrical schemes.
  • Provide design of street lighting and road signage schemes.
  • Provide supply power provision to remote structures such as street advertising displays and bus shelters.
  • Provide lighting consultancy services for councils and developers guaranteed problem-free adoption of lighting and signage schemes as we are an integral part of the adoption process with the Authority.
  • Upgrades to LED Lighting

If you wish to enquire about additional works or wish to request a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us at cw@balfourbeatty.com or please use the link http://www.lightingcambridgeshire.com/contact-us/works-contact.htm and fill out the form. This will also direct to our e-mail address.

The benefits will include:

  • Brand new street lights using the latest technology
  • More effective “white lights”
  • A saving of 8.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity
  • A saving of 4.5k tonnes of carbon emissions per year
  • New, safer steel columns and an innovative, future-proofed asset